Letters to the Editor

Council needs courage when it comes to streets

The surface conditions of Fresno streets are appalling. Take any dozen cities the size of Fresno across the U.S. and smooth streets are the rule. In Fresno, they are the exception. But for the ingenuity of automobile suspension engineers, the public would be demonstrating in front of City Hall for the firing of all Public Works and City Council members.

You cannot drive most streets in Fresno without bumping over rough pavement, usually the result of retro-installing utilities, fiber optic cable, and the like. Either we don't have the money for staff, don't have the right ordinances and specifications to enforce, or don't have the courage. In 25 years I have never seen the City Council take a strong stand in favor of our infrastructure, and against the powerful developer lobby.

I strongly support Measure C, but I wish it contained "Courage" along with the money. New, smooth streets in Fresno last only as long as the next development to be approved. Then the jack hammers and concrete cutters take over.

Harold J. Gallagher, Fresno