Letters to the Editor

'Voice of the powerful'

I am deeply disappointed by The Bee's endorsements for the Fresno Unified School District board. How did our local newspaper, long a voice of the people, decide to endorse a single slate of candidates backed by the Fresno Business Council? How does The Bee explain to the Hmong community that it needs to give up its sole elected official, Tony Vang? Or that our hardest working school board member, Valerie Davis, doesn't deserve a second term?

How does the Bee dismiss Michelle Asadoorian as a union puppet whose "interests are not the children's interests?" Ms. Asadoorian, who happens to be my sister, is a teacher and mother running a very independent campaign. Who, if not Michelle, cares about the children?

By walking in lockstep with the business elite, The Bee has shown its true colors. Your endorsement should have come with this disclaimer: "Publisher Ray Steele is a close friend of Richard Johanson, the business leader behind the slate of candidates endorsed by The Bee. Mr. Steele has served as a board member on Mr. Johanson's Business Council." That way we readers would know that the voice of the people has become the voice of the powerful.

Mark Arax, Fresno