Letters to the Editor

'Interests of the Valley'

I find it interesting that TJ Cox's Web site mentions that he recently attended an immigration forum in Fresno and talks about the need for people to work together toward a solution.

Mr. Cox only tells part of the story. Here is the rest: Rep. George Radanovich and his colleagues arranged that forum, bringing together representatives from agriculture, business and labor, as well as a deputy secretary from the U.S. Department of Labor, to discuss the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

On Mr. Cox's Web site, his solution is to "bring together agricultural business, labor and government interests to find solutions." In other words, TJ has endorsed Rep. George Radanovich's efforts on this issue. Rep. Radanovich has been a leader in the fight for comprehensive reform because he has rejected the rhetoric on this important issue and is fighting for the interests of the Valley.

Karri Hammerstrom, Kingsburg