Letters to the Editor

Vang more qualified

Dr. Tony Vang is the sole Southeast Asian-American member of the Fresno Unified School District board, perhaps raising questions of motive behind recent attacks in articles and letters to The Bee.

Peter Weber [letter Oct. 4] believes Julie Hornback is the better candidate because of her experience in finance and employment. I disagree. Dr. Vang (whose salutary credentials as a professional educator Ms. Hornback seems to find a bit of a nuisance) has been able to bridge a serious cultural gap that other Fresno Unified board members barely fathom.

He understands our second-language learners precisely because he has gone through what our Hmong students are experiencing right now. As an immigrant coming here at 17, Dr. Vang has himself accomplished what we are trying to get our students to do.

Dr. Vang is an associate professor of education, instructing teachers since 1992 in how best to work in the classroom. He specializes in multicultural education and second-language acquisition, for which he has received several prestigious education awards. His long and direct experience in education matches and arguably exceeds the qualifications of other Fresno Unified candidates and contemporaries.

Jeu Chang, Fresno