Letters to the Editor

Unfair to voters

Since we have no equal access regarding media, we're left with our common sense about fairness in reporting to determine what fair coverage is. To endorse Rep. Devin Nunes and not mention other candidates is obviously not an oversight on your part.

Then the question is: "Why not give coverage to other candidates in other ways?" Candidates you do not endorse are newsworthy to those of us who do not hold your views. Your lack of adequate coverage is simply disgusting. It is blatant. It is not clever. It is not good reporting.

And mostly, it is not fair -- to the third-party candidates or to voters who want to know all of their options. John Miller, Green Party candidate for the 21st Congressional District, has a calendar; he is appearing in public; he has opinions; and he deserves to be heard. Of course, other third-party candidates deserve adequate coverage also.

Larry Mullen, Fresno