Letters to the Editor

Humane solution for pets is spay and neuter

Regarding the article "On death row" [Oct. 15]: Thank you so much to The Bee for giving this issue the coverage it deserves. Marc Benjamin did an excellent job of bringing the tragic pet overpopulation crisis to light, and giving the story humanity.

The fact is that here in Fresno County, we put to death about 100 animals every single day. Spaying and neutering is the solution, and the problem is solvable. Most people don't realize that they can alter their pets as early as two weeks old and eight pounds. They also don't realize that spaying and neutering can protect their pet from disease, and extend their pet's life.

The H.O.P.E. Animal Foundation offers quality, high volume, low-cost spay and neuter services patterned after the successful Humane Alliance clinic in North Carolina. H.O.P.E. also takes donations to fund surgeries for pet owners who simply cannot afford to pay for them, and 100% of these donations are used to fund surgeries.

For more information, please call 271-0209 or go to hopeaf.com. As generous as some people are, no single individual can possibly solve this problem. It will take the collective will of the community.

Jackie Grazier