Letters to the Editor

'Pretty dismal record'

Recent letters have addressed Rep. George Radanovich's record as a multiterm member of Congress. I would like to address his record regarding conservation and the environment. It's not a record to be proud of.

The League of Conservation Voters, a nonpartisan watchdog group, compiles a list of the voting records of every senator and congressman. In 2005, Rep. Radanovich cast anti-environmental votes on 16 of 17 bills covering a wide range of issues -- energy, fuel efficiency, clean water, air pollution, wilderness protection, endangered species, public lands. In the 108th Congress (2003-2004), Rep. Radanovich supported the environment on 3% of his votes, and on 5% of his votes in the 107th Congress (2001-2002).

Honest people can disagree on these issues, but to cast anti-environmental votes 90% of the time is a pretty dismal record. The old saying, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way," applies. It's time to help Rep. Radanovich get out of the way. TJ Cox will bring leadership, new ideas and new energy to Congress. I urge voters in the 19th District to vote for TJ Cox.

Conrad Gaunt