Letters to the Editor

'Making things worse'

The top environmental, public health and quality of life issue facing Fresno County is air pollution. Contrary to supporters' arguments, Measure C will make air pollution much worse. Two-thirds of Measure C expenditures will go to new highway and road projects.

Supporters claim that this will help by reducing congestion. But if building more freeways is the answer to air pollution, Los Angeles and Houston should have the cleanest air in the nation. Measure C will take us in the direction of these failures in land use, transportation and community planning. More people in more cars traveling more miles means one thing: more air pollution.

New Freeway 180 construction will be a magnet for suburban sprawl and air pollution.

And you might ask where Caltrans is planning to get the aggregate to pull off these projects. Will it come from the proposed gravel mine on Jesse Morrow Mountain? From our river beds? From some new foothill mine?

Our quality of life will depend upon slower growth and sensible transportation and land use planning. Measure C would take us in the opposite direction. We can do better. Vote "no" on Measure C.

Michael Becker