Letters to the Editor

Measure C's flaws

"Pedestrians, bicycles, motor-driven cycles" are prohibited on freeways, thus preventing many people to benefit from use of freeways. Yet most of previous Measure C funds went to extend freeways 168 and 180.

The nation's richest agricultural region and second-most polluted air area are aggressively being turned into the most polluted and least productive.

The polar regions and mountain ice caps are melting, yet the immoral war is being waged for oil to promote this to impending disaster.

Greedy developers, merchants and civic leaders aided and abetted by unscrupulous, bought government officials are only concerned with their immediate gratification.

Unless Measure C funds are used for light rail, exclusive streets for bicyclists or other means of public transportation, my suggestion is a vote of "no."

Oh, well! When ocean levels rise with global warming, the concrete freeways can be jackhammered to make dikes to hold back the rising waters.

Bob D. Mugrdechian Sr.