Letters to the Editor

Music lesson

I thank The Bee for the article announcing the program presented by the Fresno County Branch of the Music Teachers Association, held Oct. 10. The programs of this group of piano and string teachers have always been open to the public, but this one was particularly well attended, due to your article.

Dr. Bob Bennett organized and wrote the narration for a program honoring Mozart on his 250th birthday. The program was well put together, and the participating teachers played with technical skill and musicality.

Laurel Ridgway did an excellent job of reading Dr. Bennett's narration, and the piano students of these teachers can be proud that their teachers can perform as well as teach: Michal Hembd, Beth Benjamin, Angela Counts, Carol Oaks, Tina Carter, Margy Lauffenburger, Susan Berg, Catherina Murni, Linda Erlenheim, Karen Madden, Olga Quercia, Laurel Ridgway and Laurell Huber. Congratulations to Dr. Bennett and the Fresno MTAC for this excellent program.

Catherine Walker


Fresno County Branch