Letters to the Editor

Different standards

Don Ajluni (letter Oct. 16) wants Israel to be held accountable for its actions against the Palestinian people. I think that's a fine idea. Indeed, so does the government, the army and the judicial system of Israel. As a functioning democracy, all the actions of the Israeli government are subject to a system of moral scrutiny unequaled on the planet.

I assume that Mr. Ajluni feels that the Palestinian people should also be accountable for their actions. And so they are. A murderer of Israeli civilians -- infants, schoolchildren or grandmothers -- is acclaimed a hero of the people, and his family is rewarded handsomely by Hamas and its supporters in Iran and Saudi Arabia. (Saddam Hussein used to be a major donor to this philanthropic effort, but is no longer able.)

The question is, are Israel and Palestine held to the same standards? Sadly not, neither by Mr. Ajluni nor by the rest of the world.

Lise Rosenthal