Letters to the Editor

Ward 'most qualified'

Tony Ward is the most qualified candidate for Madera County supervisor, District 5. He has the education, experience, knowledge of the issues and the characteristics necessary to competently and honestly carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office.

Tony Ward served more than seven years on the Madera County Planning Commission. Smart growth through local area plans is crucial to the communities in eastern Madera County, District 5. Tony Ward's input and insight into these area plans have been invaluable.

A member of the Board of Supervisors must be able to deal with a multitude of issues. I know that Tony Ward has the knowledge and ability to do the job and represent eastern Madera County. Therefore, I fully support his candidacy for Madera County supervisor of District 5.

There is a lot more at stake on Nov. 7 than conservation, property rights and common sense; what is at stake on Election Day is: Vision, leadership, honesty, integrity, ability and credibility, as well as fair and equal representation for all citizens and visitors to eastern Madera County.

Gary Gilbert

District 5 Supervisor