Letters to the Editor

Come to Fresno if you want to meet bad drivers

This is in response to letters written in The Bee on Oct. 14.

If anyone thinks the driving habits of the Clovis citizens are bad, they should come to Fresno, where almost nobody stops at stop signs and many don't stop at red lights. People park on city streets headed in the wrong direction, seldom signal, park over the white lines in metered areas and ignore loading, no parking and red zones.

On top of all these, speeding is rampant. This is inexcusable. The fact that our City Council and people given the responsibility for citizen safety aren't improving this situation is absolutely outrageous. It seems that the city of Fresno is always short of revenue. It also seems that there's a gold mine on the streets of Fresno.

In other words, why can't the city of Fresno raise revenue and improve citizen safety at the same time?

Doug Tatum