Letters to the Editor

Cox lacks specifics

I'm still waiting for specifics. I continue to wait for The Bee to explain its infatuation with TJ Cox. I have yet to see Mr. Cox offer any real solutions to the challenges facing the Valley.

I went to his Web site to see if I could find anything to back up The Bee's positions, but found nothing to help explain his appeal. Instead, I saw short platitudes about issues that lack any specific plan for addressing them.

Meanwhile, Rep. Radanovich has been fighting for the Valley. He has been a leader on issues such as water and agriculture. He also has been in the forefront of fighting the cultivation of marijuana on public lands. Finally, he has been a constant support for the Hmong and other refugees, in helping resolve issues that they face.

It is curious that another Valley legislator received The Bee's endorsement for working on these very issues, yet Rep. Radanovich's efforts are outright rejected by The Bee.

Vong Mouanoutoua