Letters to the Editor

Protect property values

Voters should be aware on Nov. 7 that voting "No on 90" is the right choice to make. Proposition 90 threatens property values and the quality of life for our community. The new law would allow virtually anyone to sue claiming a new law or regulation has impacted the value of their property or business, no matter how crazy the claim.

Proposition 90 is a trap, which actually hurts homeowners by undermining the authority of local communities and local voters to make decisions on growth and development. Funding for fire and police protection would be reduced by the measure, and the ability of local governments to restrict the location of unsavory businesses would be threatened. Local communities would not be allowed to make the right decisions for them regarding the size and scope of local developments -- those decisions would be made for us by this initiative.

Confusing? It's meant to be. The proposition is a taxpayer trap meant to confuse voters and erode the very laws that keep our residents safe. Protect the ability of our local elected officials to make the right decisions for our community. Voting "no" on Proposition 90 will protect our neighborhoods and property values.

Mike Prandini


Building Industry Association

of the San Joaquin Valley