Letters to the Editor

'Quality health care'

Life Dynamics and Roberta Genini [letter Oct. 13] must be very pleased that their undercover clients were able to expose Planned Parenthood's misdeeds -- particularly since it is a completely transparent organization with absolutely nothing to hide.

Despite an unrelenting campaign of misinformation, half truths and smear tactics, Planned Parenthood remains one of the nation's most popular and successful primary care clinics. Planned Parenthood is an organization with no other agenda than to deliver quality health care to its patients. Individuals who visit a Planned Parenthood clinic can be assured that their treatment will be guided by nationally observed clinical guidelines as well as the strictest adherence to the law.

But now that Ms. Genini knows how to record telephone conversations, maybe now she can record teens asking for their parents' permission to have sex, as well as what to do with the unwanted pregnancy that is sure to follow.

Rodrigo De Zubiria, M.D.