Letters to the Editor

Protect teenage girls

Teenagers are often very stubborn. They can also make mistakes. If a girl believes her parents must not know she is pregnant, no law in the world will change her mind. Even though she might be completely wrong, she will do anything to keep her parents from finding out, simply because she is a headstrong teenager.

If Proposition 85 passes, a girl who feels this way has very few options. She can run away (perhaps trusting her life to the older man who got her pregnant that Proposition 85 supporters keep mentioning). If she does not run, she can seek an illegal abortion, killing not only her unborn fetus but very possibly losing her ability to have future children, if not her life. Or she can consider suicide. These could be her only remaining options.

Proposition 85 puts our teenage daughters in needless danger by taking away the least horrible option they may have. Whatever one's beliefs regarding abortion and parental rights, please protect our most vulnerable girls by voting "no" on Proposition 85.

Jan Balcom