Letters to the Editor

'More than generous'

In his letter Oct. 11, J.J. Jelincic tried to make the point that public worker benefits are not high enough. He has proven the opposite.

He implied that retirement pay of $20,000 a year, after 20 years of service, is not extravagant. If he tried to get more facts, he would have discovered that amount per year is more than generous, considering that most folks barely make so much after 40 years of work. Many more folks have to settle for a lot less.

The public sector is also generous in other ways: 20 paid holidays per year; three and more weeks paid vacation per year, starting after only one year of service, just to name a few. Some, such as firefighters and police, qualify for 85% of income at retirement (Bay Area agencies) at what we would consider a very young age (this compares to the 35% of wages after 40 years).

Another benefit is almost eternal employment when compared to today's labor market, plus, everyday pay compares very well with similar jobs in industry. Civilian industry is very stingy in awarding "high" pay to anyone except top executives.

Lou Catallo