Letters to the Editor

Fast-track nurse training a concern for patients

Ironically, the tragic story about three infant deaths attributed to nursing medication errors was printed in The Bee the same week Fresno City College boasted about training nurses in 14 months. Admittedly, more than half the students had failed out already. The remaining 47% are being educated through an $850,000 grant. The dean of instruction states students failing "wasn't about grades" but "about having the ability to complete assignments."

I attended City College's two-year R.N. program and every assignment I completed was graded. How would learning be validated without graded assignments? It wasn't long ago that I paid about $5,000 for R.N. training. How much does it cost to educate 17 student nurses today?

I don't favor fast-tracked nursing education. Grants should be used to educate a more highly skilled R.N. work force. The public's health is too important to undercut time needed to produce nurses of quality rather than in quantity.

Who is accountable for this shortsighted practice at Fresno City College? Citizens should be concerned about who is attending to their bedside care when hospitalized. If grant money has anything to do with taxpayer dollars, citizens should be curious about allocation of this large sum of money.

Cathy Anton, R.N.