Letters to the Editor

'A reasonable balance'

I thank The Bee for supporting the Measure C proposal to be voted on Nov. 7. I also thank The Bee for opening its pages to those with opposing views.

As a member of the Steering Committee responsible for developing the measure, I believe we struck a reasonable balance between the wide variety of interests around the negotiating table.

This view is reinforced when I read the Stephen Sacks letter [Oct. 11] claiming there is virtually nothing in the proposal for public transportation and everything is geared to more highway building, and the position taken by the Clovis Chamber of Commerce that there is too much in the proposal for public transportation and virtually nothing for highway construction, particularly roads leading to Clovis.

In addition to offsetting each other as assessments of the Measure C proposal, both positions ignore the major funding for local road repair and transportation needs. This was an area stressed by the public in several surveys and put forth by local city representatives participating in the negotiating process.

Our goal was to help improve air quality and avoid further traffic congestion.

Ed Eames, Ph.D.


Fresno Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Council