Letters to the Editor

We'd better start vocational training right now

In her commentary Oct. 12, Carol Mills, who is a Fresno Unified School District board member, makes an important statement about the need for "career technical education," often called "vocational ed."

In this era of "No Child Left Behind," the assumption is that all students will pursue an academic future by attending college, regardless of their interests or abilities.

In the meantime, we lose vast numbers of students during their high school years because they do not have the necessary interest in academics. Because they have neither "technical" training nor academic background, they cannot find good jobs and become a drain on our county and its resources.

How much better it would be for those students to have the opportunity to explore the "trades" during the high school years. In 10 or 15 more years, when many current "technical" workers are retiring, I wonder who is going to be able to repair my car or my air conditioning, or even build houses if we don't begin training people now.

Helen Pitton