Letters to the Editor

'A grand legacy'

Passage of Measure C on Nov. 7 would be a grand legacy and inheritance for the taxpayers and voters of Fresno County to give to our children, grandchildren, future generations and visitors. Livable, healthy, economically vibrant communities plus an oversight committee that would assure transparency and accountability of all monies would be the result of our caring on Nov. 7.

Fresno County, the San Joaquin Valley, California and our country stand to be the beneficiaries of an economic powerhouse with the passage of Measure C. A $5 million-plus infrastructure study is included in the expenditure plan, which will cover light rail, the east side highways and all future contingencies. It has been well established that those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

In addition, as a self-help county, we would receive back from the state and federal government almost 10 times the taxes that are rightfully ours. Measure C is a 20-year extension of an existing half-penny Fresno County transportation sales tax paid by residents and visitors alike.

Randy Nelson