Letters to the Editor

'Butchered version'

I had been sitting on the fence regarding my vote for Measure C until I thoroughly read the voter's pamphlet. The Clovis Chamber's recent condemning of the measure prompted me to take a very close look at the new version.

The new Measure C is not the same measure we voted for 20 years ago. There is way too much pork for special interests and less money for the measure's original purpose.

I found this statement on the first page of the original Measure C Web page: "Measure C has kept its promises since 1986, improving the streets and roads in every community in Fresno County." That statement is very clear as to the original measure's intent.

I am not in favor of subsidizing buses that have low ridership, not to mention rail consolidation and improvements to Chandler Airport. I will not support this butchered version of Measure C and urge other voters to do the same.

Jeffrey M. Davis