Letters to the Editor

Measure C is balanced

Stephen Sacks (letter Oct. 11) writes that Fresno should follow Portland's example and devote more resources to light rail. He stated the ridership on Portland's new Yellow Line was 300,000 per day. According to the Light Rail Now organization, after a year of operation the $350 million, 5.8-mile line averaged 12,000 rider-trips per day.

Mr. Sacks urges a "no" vote on Measure C, alleging a lack of transit funds. The Clovis Chamber of Commerce urges a "no" vote for lack of road funds. What these dog-in-the-manger attitudes will yield is neither side getting funds, and all of Fresno County's residents will suffer deteriorating transportation. It also ensures that about $2 billion of state and federal funds will go to Los Angeles and the Bay Area rather than to Fresno.

When Measure C is supported by groups as diverse as the Sierra Club and the Builder's Association, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and labor unions, bike and trail groups and the trucking industry; agriculture and the Downtown Improvement Group; the League of Women Voters and the Fresno Business Council, then I'd say the funding balance is just about right.

Vote "yes" on Measure C.

Dennis Manning