Letters to the Editor

Barr and Mims

When an organization resorts to putting out a hit piece, such as the Fresno Teachers Association has done on Pat Barr, it is obvious it knows its candidate cannot win on merit. Just because Pat received their endorsement when she first ran does not mean that she is their puppet. This piece is not worthy of the organization, and even less so of the teachers it represents.

Often, very tough decisions are required. Board members are responsible for studying the issues and voting in the best interests of the entire community. Pat Barr has lived up to my mantra that it does no good to be there if you can't do the right (as in correct) thing. We need Pat Barr to continue as a member of the Fresno Unified School District board.

We can also vote for another woman of integrity: Margaret Mims. Ms. Mims has the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running as the sheriff of Fresno County. She is the right person at the right time for this job.

We citizens are fortunate to have women of this quality willing to serve us. Pat Barr and Margaret Mims deserve our votes.

Ruth M. Gadebusch