Letters to the Editor

Without consenus we face an 'uncertain future'

When the atomic bomb was invented, the overriding fear was that one day it would fall into the hands of less civilized and untrustworthy nations. That day has arrived and we are facing a probable expansion of atomic weapons in the hands of our mortal enemies.

Why can't we put our politics aside and agree as a united people that we are in grave danger? Why can't we, Democrats and Republicans, independents and undecideds, far right, far left, all of us -- why can't we as Americans forget our political aspirations and work together to meet the peril we face at the hands of Muslim terrorists?

If we cannot, we are doomed to confront an uncertain future without a national consensus, and can surely be defeated by an enemy more at home in the 14th century than the 21st, and who is committed to dragging us back with them to that dismal past.

William W. Baker