Letters to the Editor

'Superior analysis?'

I don't know where this trends politically, or what it suggests, but for what it's worth I'd like to offer a modest book report.

On Oct. 10, I was in Costco on West Shaw. It was ruthlessly busy, as usual. A display in the book section offered two titles, Bill O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior," and Bob Woodward's "State of Denial."

In the "Culture Warrior" stack there were probably 200 copies, neat and undisturbed except for a single missing copy which, I presume, a customer had purchased. But the other stack, the "State of Denial" stack, looked like it had been looted in a food riot: There were no more than a handful of copies remaining in what had been a stack as large as its neighbor.

Are Fresno readers acquiring that "superior analysis" Mr. O'Reilly talks about?

Ed Miller