Letters to the Editor

'Legitimate right'

Marlin Dick (column Oct. 10) thinks that "the Palestinians ... resented giving up their land as compensation for a European crime." Actually, what the Arabs resented and still resent is the presence of a Jewish state of any kind in the Middle East.

The land that the Jews occupied when the state of Israel was created by the U.N. in 1947 was purchased quite legally and for exorbitant prices from Turkish and Arab owners. And the land that the Arabs lost later was lost as a result of aggressive wars of attempted annihilation waged by Arab nations against Israel.

The word "Zionism" simply means the view that the Jews have a legitimate right to the state of Israel. Which they do, considering the above.

It's interesting to compare this legitimacy to that of, for example, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia -- nations that were carved out by fiat by the Western imperialists that Mr. Dick so dislikes.

Vic Rosenthal