Letters to the Editor

'All his constituents'

Thank you for your wise endorsement of T.J. Cox to replace Rep. George Radanovich in the 19th Congressional District seat. Your description of Rep. Radanovich as a "do-little congressman from a do-nothing Congress" couldn't be more true.

By rubber-stamp voting President Bush's and the Republican Party's conservative agenda, Mr. Radanovich also bears the responsibility and accountability for the results of that agenda -- the loss of life in Iraq, a huge budget deficit, the loss of basic constitutional privacy rights, the politicization of Terri Schiavo's pitiful drama politicized, and the like.

I am following your recommendation and voting for T.J. Cox. I want a congressman who votes for the best interests of all his constituents, not just his campaign contributors and his conservative party's leadership.

James Cousland