Letters to the Editor

Word games

The radical Republicans' platform can be read between the lines of their favorite slogans. Drop the "T" you have a "War on Error." Dropping the "Tr" results in "Support Our Oops" please. Drop the "B" you get Home of the Rave, as in the madness of bombing civilizations to the Stone Age. Drop the "serve" and you get the con on the American people for a USA, Inc. hostile takeover of Iraq in a war of no-bid profiteering and control of the Mid East.

The dirt is coming out from under the rug. The record is there. Oh, and then have the Hoover Institution classicist and historian, Victor Davis Hanson, explain that if a terrorist or Islamofascist doesn't die while being dunked, he is guilty, but if he doesn't die, then he was not a witch after all -- er, I mean terrorist.

Jim Tharp