Letters to the Editor

Yo, kids: Fight back against those painful braces

Hey, are braces necessary? Why does society think people should have perfectly straight teeth? I have braces. For people who have them, do you like them? Do you hate how you go in and you're in the chair and they want to put something on a tooth where the bracket has broken off?

Well, a couple days ago that happened to me on the day of the fair. They want to stick it on your tooth and you have to keep biting on the piece. It hurts so bad that your cheeks hurt and your whole mouth hurts.

If you say, "I will not have that on my tooth," they will tell your parents. You say, "I will not open my mouth for you." If you don't like pain, tell them, "I will not put that in my mouth!" If you don't like it, tell them. They might not put it on. And especially if the tooth is low.

Here is a tip to get your braces off sooner -- wear your headgear.

Tommy Brown, Age 12, Baird Middle School, Fresno