Letters to the Editor

Restore rights, save lives

My son's high-school English class is scheduled to see a play in Fresno and transportation will be via school bus. He cannot attend if he has no signed parental consent form, which is reasonable and customary for school events held off-campus.

Conversely, state law allows a minor to procure an abortion without her parents' knowledge. This is precisely why a "yes" vote on Proposition 85 is critical.

As a parent, I have a right to know what my minor child is doing at all times. For the state to usurp my rights as a parent and allow my child to obtain a surgical procedure without my knowledge and against my wishes is nothing short of tyranny.

The pro-abortion crowd asserts the law is necessary because some girls fear their parents may cause them physical harm. As usual, their logic is flawed and ridiculous: Read "Exceptions to Notification Requirements" in the proposition. Juveniles may obtain a court waiver, with no court fee, with a decision within 3 days. It also includes exceptions for medical emergencies and other limitations.

"Yes" on Proposition 85 will give some rights back to parents and save lives in the process.

Christopher G. Tasy, Sanger