Letters to the Editor

'All accountable'

Re the Oct. 2 article "Israel inspires alliance of faiths":

Israel continues to steal (at gunpoint) the land of innocent Palestinians and build illegal settlements in violation of U.N. resolutions.

More than 200 innocent Palestinians, many women and children, have been killed in Gaza in the last two months by the Israeli army and Israeli civilians.

When Israelis went into Lebanon in August, they not only caused wholesale death and destruction, they created a humanitarian catastrophe with thousands of (U.S. supplied) unexploded cluster bombs.

Israel routinely wages a campaign of attacking and labeling any criticism as "anti-Semitic." Any U.S. politician who criticizes Israel can kiss his future in Washington goodbye.

Israel is building a 750-mile wall around Palestine, effectively imprisoning a whole nation of people.

All well-intentioned Christians who embrace Israel need some education on what's really happening in the region. I am a Christian of Palestinian descent. There is nothing in my Bible that says Israel should commit genocide, destroying a whole nation of people. A true quest for peace in the region demands that Israel be held accountable for its actions. Please find out the truth. We are all accountable to God for our actions.

Don Ajluni, Visalia