Letters to the Editor

Jail solutions

I share the frustration John Crossley speaks of in his letter (Oct. 9) as both a taxpayer and as a victim of crime. Unfortunately, Mr. Crossley's opinion understates the problem and includes a resolution that is shortsighted at best.

Clearly a visit to the local jail has not been an experience he has been privy to. "Beds" mean anyplace to lay a mat with an inmate on it.

Please remember the more inmates we pack together, the less sanitary the living space becomes, which will increase altercations between and illness rates of these inmates. It would be much cheaper in the long run to build or find additional housing for these inmates so we can avoid picking up the tab for the health care costs associated with curing illnesses and injuries that were caused due to overcrowding.

Jail should certainly be as cheap and unbearable as possible. Therefore, solutions to the problem of overcrowding should not have the large potential for increasing taxpayer costs, as is the case with Mr. Crossley's suggestion.

Nathan Jankowski, Reedley