Letters to the Editor

'Against the grain'

It is a shame when an agenda, either hidden or public, conflicts with both logic and sound leadership. The recent article on the costs for reducing mobile source pollution is both disheartening and unfortunate.

Disheartening in the reality that for 10 years, as a traffic engineer, I tried and failed to synchronize the signal lights in Fresno, and unfortunate because the Valley air district appears to not fully understand the root causes of mobile source pollution. Simply put, it is vehicular acceleration that gives off the greatest amounts of ozone precursors.

Thus, our collective goal should be in reducing the overall amount of vehicular accelerations occurring, not just purchasing $7.5 billion worth of old vehicles that are already scheduled to cycle out of service. It is perplexing that we are unwilling to read and understand the scientific facts behind mobile source pollution.

Those who wish to educate themselves should Google Dr. Chris Frey at North Carolina State University, a renowned expert in mobile source pollution. Our air problems cannot be solved by turning a blind eye to the scientific conclusions of competent experts, even if such science goes against the grain of our own deterministic agendas.

John Ennis, Fresno