Letters to the Editor

'Ethical consideration'

I haven't had an opinion about Grizzlies Stadium -- until now.

As I read "Park's name strikes gold" (Sept. 14), I was disappointed to learn that a casino paid $16 million to rename the stadium. In an age when anything (and anyone) can be bought and turned into a commodity, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

San Francisco has shown us how this works: From Pac Bell Park to SBC Park to AT&T Park, all within six years.

But isn't there any ethical consideration in renaming a park after a casino? Isn't there a dilemma in naming a stadium for the very industry it has been trying to distance itself from for decades? Dealmakers say this doesn't endorse gambling, but wouldn't we get a similar feeling if Fresno State called their field Budweiser Stadium, yet remained "dry?"

Tim Neufeld, Fresno