Letters to the Editor

'Stop the violence'

At home and in school, children need to know it is not macho to fight.

It is not a coward who retreats from a fight. Those who retreat are the brave ones. They have to put up with the words of others who will call them names, but they know in their hearts and minds that they are truly smart and brave to avoid the physical confrontation.

Since some are not taught at home, the schools must have a dialogue with the kids about fighting not being allowed on- and off-campus. There should be an officer of the school who patrols not only the campus, but the surrounding area, for at least an hour after release.

I live in the Ahwahnee neighborhood and went by after the fight. I only wish I had been there sooner; maybe I could have done something.

We can do something so this will not happen again. Demand that school districts enforce the rules and develop a dialogue with the kids. We should not tolerate breaking the rules, and administrators who do not enforce the rules should be dealt with. We must stop the violence.

Les Reid