Letters to the Editor

'It has just begun'

There has been tremendous coverage of the historic agreement to restore the San Joaquin River. Resolving 18 years of lawsuits and bringing back a river filled with salmon is an ideal many hope to achieve. It's ironic those most excited note the unprecedented nature of this effort. The euphoria must be tempered with understanding that if water is to be released in a scant six years, there's much work to do.

It's time to think about the future. The Valley Water Alliance constantly promoted the principle that any restoration must take into account economic and water supply impacts to our region. If and when water is released, what city, business or farmer will lose a share? We must work together even harder to find additional water resources. The competing demands of river restoration, existing needs and our exciting growth affect our limited supply.

We can't forget, restoration is defined as the need for more water -- and collectively we need to determine how best to accomplish that objective. All possibilities need to be reviewed, including new reservoirs, funding for local water projects and on-going conservation.

Our job is far from over -- it has just begun.

Joel Nelsen


Valley Water Alliance