Letters to the Editor

Supports Asadoorian

As a retiree of Fresno Unified and having worked for the district for 35 years, I feel obligated to give my opinion on the current race for school board.

I am strongly backing Michelle Arax Asadoorian for the Fresno Unified School District board. We need someone on the board who is currently working within the district with first-hand knowledge and experience of what is happening with education in Fresno today.

Michelle is involved with Fresno Unified on many levels. She is a teacher, graduate of Bullard High School, and a parent with school age children. She is also a person of strong character with a genuine desire to have this district be a much more productive place for all students and employees.

That is why I encourage you to vote for Michelle Arax Asadoorian for Trustee, District 7, Fresno Unified School District.

Jackie Boyajian