Letters to the Editor

Asadoorian's strengths

As grandparents of children who attend Fresno Unified schools, we believe there should be an equal balance between academics and extracurricular activities, including sports and the arts, for all children. This is why we support Michelle Arax Asadoorian for the Fresno Unified School District board in Area 7.

While we highly encourage academic advancement for Fresno Unified and support district efforts wholeheartedly in that respect, we agree with Michelle's points in a recent newsletter that Fresno Unified campuses are "in a state of disrepair" and "have become eyesores." Knowing Michelle as a child and through her adult years, we can attest to her strength of conviction, love of education and desire to continue the positive track that Fresno Unified has more currently been on.

As a teacher, educational administrator and mother of Fresno Unified students, Michelle has first-hand knowledge of the help needed to strike a balance in the district. Consider these points and join us in voting for Michelle Arax Asadoorian.

Charles and Esther Nalchajian