Letters to the Editor

Limbaugh's rant

All of America should be appalled at the sick and disgusting behavior of Rush Limbaugh. It doesn't matter if one likes Michael J. Fox, whether he was on his "meds," nor whether one favors stem cell research. What matters is that there are people in our country who continue to listen to a man like Limbaugh after such a contemptuous attack on a person suffering from Parkinson's disease.

In an interview after Limbaugh's attack, Fox began to be breathless and sweat from so much movement. Does Limbaugh think all of Fox's movement and sweat was faked? Most people would be saddened to see the effects of this disease on a person's body and breathing.

Instead, Limbaugh has the nerve to mock a person with a deadly medical problem. He has spouted off way too many times and his listening audience ought to have shut him up years ago. What would Limbaugh be spouting if he were the one with Parkinson's disease?

Paulette Bellamy