Letters to the Editor

'Repression of free speech'

In his letter Oct. 29, Marshall D. Moushigian criticizes U.S. officials for being upset at a French bill that would make it a crime to deny the Armenian genocide. At the same time he commends France for proposing this bill.

I find it puzzling that an American would favor repression of free speech, especially in another democracy, in this case France.

France and the other European Union nations have made it a condition that Turkey improve its record on human rights and restrictions on free speech before it can join. In Turkey it is illegal to even debate the Armenian massacres.

The true irony is now France is moving in the direction of Turkey to impose their own restrictions on French free speech.

I support the U.S. position on this. I advise both Mr. Moushigian and France to rethink their positions.

Michael Coletti