Letters to the Editor

'Safety for our daughters'

Whether you're Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, pro-life or pro-choice, there is one thing we have in common -- we all have family, and would do anything to protect them. Proposition 85 is our chance to do just that.

Proposition 85 gives parents the legal right to know 48 hours in advance if their under-age daughter is scheduled for a surgical abortion. Not the right to even prohibit the surgery from occurring -- they simply must be notified.

Right now, children under 18 can't get an aspirin or go on a field trip without parental consent, but a girl as young as 12 can take a secret field trip to perform a serious operation during school hours without her parents ever knowing. In fact, 30 states have already implemented propositions similar to this one.

More than 70% of these teenage abortions occur because the male involved is over 22 and trying to escape statutory rape charges. This proposition will ensure more safety for our daughters and protect them from abuse and manipulation. With something as serious as abortion and as fragile as our children, we must do all that we can to make a difference.

Tim Ainley, Director, War Cry School of Discipleship, Tulare

Glenn Power, Visalia