Letters to the Editor

Supports Hornback

It is hard to remember a school board candidate better qualified than Julie Hornback, who's running in the McLane area of the Fresno Unified School District.

As director of Fresno County's Department of Employment and Temporary Assistance, Julie has successfully run a large agency with more than 1,400 employees.

I was one of those employees, and I watched Julie in action as she considered all angles of an issue. She manages a multimillion-dollar budget, has negotiated labor contracts and has guided our department through positive change. We call Julie a "barrier buster" because she constantly brings innovative solutions to bear on the challenges we face. She has won the respect of her colleagues within the county and in the community.

Superintendent Mike Hanson and the teachers and staff of Fresno Unified -- another large and complex agency -- will benefit from Julie's leadership as a board member. Her insightful support and constructive recommendations to the superintendent will help the district improve service to the only clients that matter, our children.

I am proud to join a long list of community leaders in supporting Julie Hornback for the Fresno Unified board.

Marsha Lombardo, Fresno