Letters to the Editor

'No fine print'

The "Save our homes" initiative, Proposition 90, if enacted, will protect our homes from seizure by government for the benefit of private developers. It does not affect the right of government to seize property for public benefit, such as schools, roads or parks. It also does not deprive the developer of the right to acquire land the American way, by negotiating with the owner, nor of government to negotiate on his behalf. Additional costs, if any, can and should be passed on to the developer.

Proposition 90 further provides that property owners be compensated for action taken by government resulting in reduction of value of property. This includes back-zoning or restriction of access, and specifically exempts action taken to protect public health or safety, or in a declared state of emergency. Issues such as road construction and flood control do involve public safety and are not affected. Environmental issues involving public health are also not affected.

The initiative is clearly and concisely written for the purpose of protecting our homes from government excesses. There is no fine print. If you value your home, vote "yes" on Proposition 90.

George Bursik, Fresno