Letters to the Editor

'District deserves better'

Pete Mehas wrote Oct. 24 that he "respects The Bee's right to be wrong" about a recent candidate endorsement. This is the same Pete Mehas who just held a TV news conference to reverse his own school board endorsements. He apparently needs to do better research.

The Bee, after doing interviews and research, provided a laundry list of reasons why voters should send TJ Cox to Congress instead of George Radanovich.

Mehas praised the "quiet leadership" of the career politician. It's so quiet that no one, after 12 years, knows what the incumbent does. Reps. Jim Costa and Devin Nunes have done twice as much in less than half the time.

Rep. Radanovich votes to create mandates for local schools without the funding needed to make them work. He votes to cut funding to our soldiers. He votes against stem cell research.

Rep. Radanovich is supposed to work for us. But we don't see him or ever hear from him, and I grew up in this district.

Pete Mehas is blinded by partisan loyalties. His support for the troubled incumbent clearly has nothing to do with qualifications.

People are done with partisan politics. Our district deserves better.

Heather Bernikoff, Catheys Valley