Letters to the Editor

Yes on Prop. 90

I knew I was fighting something big and unknown when I began my fight against abusive eminent domain practices 30 years ago.

Today after searching the California Secretary of State Web site for campaign contributions to "No on 90," I was frightened to death to discover how enormously big the abusers of eminent domain were by the postings of their names and contributions to the campaign:

Indian gaming interests, $200,000; PG&E, $250,000; Forest City Developers, $250,000; California Redevelopment Association, $460,000; California State Association, $650,000; and League of California Cities, $2.59 million.

From Fresno, Fancher Creek Properties (Ed Kashian and Tom Richards): $1,000.

Free us from eminent domain abuses. Together we can stop the 800-pound eminent domain gorilla. Vote "yes" on Proposition 90.

Richard Erganian, Fresno