Letters to the Editor

'Our eroding rights'

Since the tragedy of 9/11, our cowering leadership in Washington has consistently chipped away at our liberties and freedoms, all under the guise of protecting our democratic way of life. From thousands of warrantless wiretaps to invading the library to sneak a peek at what we've been reading, this administration has gone way beyond any demonstrated need when it comes to taking away the basic tenants of our citizenship.

Now, in addition to Washington, The Bee has joined forces and echoed support for our eroding rights by supporting the Secret Service's interrogation of Julia Wilson of Sacramento. Say what you like about her posting of the picture on the Web, this 13-year-old girl was hauled out of class and questioned by two or more Secret Service agents, without the presence of a parent. Having a parent present under any kind of police questioning for a minor was a basic civil right. Does The Bee now support its demise, also?

Larry Paquette, Fresno