Letters to the Editor

A lifetime burden

In regard to the many bond measures and sales tax increases on the current ballot: I am deeply concerned for the less fortunate (financially) in this county.

I regret that the majority of registered voters in Tulare County are wealthy enough and stand ready to hand over to local and state governments virtually any amount of money asked for. They have little regard for the fact that when we pass bonds, more than half the money goes back to banks and bonding agencies in the form of interest. Even additional sales tax is a burden for anyone trying to get by, for every purchase, for the rest of their lives.

If you buy the old pothole come-on and campaign pleas that the various labor unions are campaigning for and will profit by, and you do vote for higher taxes for our government to fight over, remember that the poor, the young (your children and grandchildren), and even the old must pay out of their pockets the rest of their lives because you chose to cast a ballot to give the money they earned to the government.

Richard Curts, Lindsay