Letters to the Editor

Garamendi's water views

I believe The Bee editorial staff strives to present election recommendations that will best serve their readers and citizens of our area. With our agricultural interest the base of our economy, one recommendation perplexes me. It is the recommendation of John Garamendi for lieutenant governor.

John Garamendi has stated he would work to close and dismantle the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. Closure of such a necessary source of water would have a devastating domino effect upon the water supplies our area now utilizes. Our present supplies would be diverted from agricultural use to household use in the San Francisco Bay Area, the area now served by the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

John Garamendi made his view known after The Bee recommended him. I believe his position on water supplies should have The Bee staff revisiting the recommendation. To me it just seems foolish to elect a person who would usher economic despair into our region. As of now, I'll have to cast my vote with Tom McClintock despite The Bee's recommendation.

Chuck Plante, Fresno